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ILLINOIS---At an Illinois hotel, Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller of Monona spoke to reporters just minutes after Governor Scott Walker finished his fireside chat.

Senator Miller told reporters that the Democratic senators who are currently hiding out in Illinois will return to Madison and vote when Governor Walker will agree to a "compromise."  Miller said since state workers agreed to pay more for their benefits, that the Governor should agree to let them continue to have their collective bargaining rights.

"The issue before us is about rights," Miller said.  "That's what we are here for today is protect the rights of workers.  Wisconsin has one of the longest traditions of workers rights in the country."

Raw Video:
Gov. Walker's 'Fireside Chat'
Democratic Response

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When asked about the Friday deadline, and if the Democrats feel responsible if they refuse to vote and 1,500 state employees will be laid off, Miller responded: "The governor made it happen.  He can stop it.  He can make this stop in a minute and all he has to do is be willing to compromise.  Workers gave him what he wants in order to balance the budget, so let them keep their rights."