Workers Protest At GOP Speaker's Home

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HORICON - About 100 union workers demonstrated Sunday in front of the home of Republican Speaker of the House Jeff Fitzgerald.

"Tell Scott Walker to create jobs, not destroy them," organizer Colin Millard announced over a bullhorn as the group marched through downtown Horicon in Dodge County.

Union power in Wisconsin is under attack.

"I've got a message for Scott Walker.  This is my union card and you can pry it from my cold dead hand," Millard told the crowd once after they reached Fitzgerald's home.

These workers protested a newly unveiled plan that would strip public employees' ability to collectively bargain.

"We don't have a problem with concessions, but this is an all out attack on state employees," said Phil Briski, a state corrections officer.

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Organized labor would no longer be able negotiate vacation, sick leave and other benefits.

They chanted messages like, "united, we'll never be defeated!"

Republican Governor Scott Walker unveiled his Budget Repair Bill on Friday.

"We have an economic and fiscal crisis in this state," Walker said during a news conference.  "We have to reform the wage and benefit process here in the State of Wisconsin."

Rep. Fitzgerald was not home Sunday during the rally.  He turned down an interview request.

"We are out of money and the options are few.  We can either raise taxes, which is absolutely off the table; reduce spending or layoff workers," Fitzgerald said in a statement. "Governor Walker is asking nothing more from state employees than what the rest of Wisconsin families have been doing already, tightening their belts and sharing some of the burden."

Additional rallies are planned Tuesday and Wednesday at the State Capitol in Madison.  A public hearing on the Budget Repair Bill is scheduled on Tuesday.