Holloway Has Heated Exchange About Properties

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee County Board Chairman and candidate for county executive Lee Holloway says he is doing everything he can to repair code violations in apartment buildings he owns in the City of Milwaukee.

Holloway got into a heated exchange with Newsradio 620 WTMJ's John Mercure on Wisconsin's Afternoon News regarding the buildings and what he is doing to remedy the problems.

Holloway became audibly upset, raising his voice when the topic of his building code violations was raised by Mercure.

"You can have three police calls a month and the city can characterize it as a nuisance property," said Mercure.  "You have 865 in a 2 year period!"

Holloway yelled back, "I have poor people there who don't know how to solve their problems and I'm working with them and trying to help them solve their problems.  I prefer them to call the police to solve their problem versus hurting or killing someone!"

Holloway implied race played a factor in the number of police calls from his buildings and demanded Mercure tell him how many African Americans work at the Journal Broadcast Group building that houses Newsradio 620 WTMJ.

"You tell me why this facility here have very few or any African Americans working here!"

The two yelled over each other on the air until Mercure asked a blunt and direct question: "How can people expect you to run the county when you can't run an apartment building?"

Holloway proceeded to refuse further questions about his buildings, saying he is handling code violations.

He also downplayed his legal troubles - saying someone who has been in the property business as long as he has is bound to face lawsuits at some point.

Holloway's Godzilla Commercial

The explosive conversation about Holloway's properties followed questions about a recent Internet commercial for Holloway's campaign that features him comparing himself to Godzilla.

Mercure asked him why he wanted to be compared to a monster and Holloway responded, saying he was only interested in the aspect of the big Godzilla being alive after repeatedly being attacked.

"I look at the Journal Sentinel as being the Japanese people who were killing the monster.  Therefore I just thought hey, this fits me real good."

Journal Communications owns the Journal Sentinel as well as Newsradio 620 WTMJ. 

"The Journal Sentinel has been killing me but here I am back up again I'm still fighting I'm still here."

Holloway told Mercure "you guys" have been "beating the hell out of me in the last two months or so."

Mercure said the station has just reported the news.

Race for County Executive Continues

After the radio studio cooled down and the discussion moved away from Holloway's apartment buildings, Mercure asked him about why he wants to be Milwaukee County Executive.

"I have more experience and expertise than anyone that's running," said Holloway.  "I have 18 years of experience."

He touted his work with health care including a plan to improve the county mental health program.

When asked whether the county board should be scaled down in size, Holloway claimed he would leave that up to whomever will be in charge, saying he will either be county executive next year or retired.