Return To Titletown: Special Teams Mark Special Day

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  • Charles Woodson, Dom Capers. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

GREEN BAY - "I never thought that playing in the freezing cold would be so much fun."

Those words come from the Packers' defense's best friend in their six-game climb from the edge of elimination from playoff to a world championship in Super Bowl XLV, Packers punter Tim Masthay.

"You just deal with it.  It's just a blast to be part of this organization.  I hope to be around here and be with this organization for a while," said Masthay at Return To Titletown at Lambeau Field.

One of the guys who helps pin teams back expressed his thanks to his teammates.

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"It was awesome.  I have to tip my hat to the rest of my teammates....we did it, man," said Jarrett Bush to the assembled 50,000-plus fans.

"These guys lay it on the line.  It's the Super Bowl.  Just go play fast and try to make plays and don't hold anything back.  We did just that."

The Packers' kicker marked the occasion by commenting on the cold that has helped define the history of this franchise, a cold which this team experienced on this celebration day.

"It's fitting that we're out here and freezing, and windy.  We should have played the Super Bowl here.  We took this cold weather down to Dallas and made it our hometown," said Crosby, who congratulated his special teams unit for how they pinned the Steelers into bad field position for much of the game."

"We did a great job covering all day and we were able to stick them back there on that last drive, and the defense just shut them down."

That's what coordinator Shawn Slocum planned for, in that game and all year long.

"Our guys did a great job taking the plan and the work and moving it forward throughout the season, overcoming a bunch of obstacles," said Slocum.

"It takes an energy like we have in this stadium full of Packers fans.  It takes guys that disregard their body and lay it on the line and being all in."