Super Bowl Freenzy: Super Bowl is Big Business For Packers Bar in Dallas

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DALLAS - This week has been huge for Vernon's Bar and Grill in Dallas.  The bar has catered to Packers fans for 24 years and this week, it's paying off big time.

"The people that wanna make sure they get a seat [for the game] are just gonna have to make sure they come early or they're going to have to go outside," Vernon told me.  He's put up a tent that can hold 450 people.

Vernon says the week started slow, but it has picked up big time.  He held a fish fry and pep rally Friday.  People came at 2:30 in the afternoon and stayed late into the night.

In addition to the fish fry, Vernon is planning brats for the game.  He's also got another taste of home - winter weather.  He says that's made for a tough week.  Some of his staff had trouble getting to work.  In fact, he says it appears the only people who weren't affected by the weather were the Packers fans.

"They showed up on mass," Vernon said.

Vernon's is located at the corner of Belt Line and Montfort in Dallas.  But, like Vernon said, if you want to see the game there, get there early!