Super Bowl Frenzy: James Jones, From Homeless To Super

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GREEN BAY - "I hope people get a great taste of who he is, and see great things from him," said Tamika Jones about her husband James, the Packers wide receiver.

They've known each other for eight years, but she still acts like a newly wed when she talks about him.

"I still get googly eyes for him."

She's also passionate about the 4th year veteran's story.

"He lived in a homeless shelter until the age of 15."

Tamika said both of James's parents were addicted to drugs, but the loyal son refused to leave his mom's side for years.

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"She felt that if he left her, something bad would have happens," explained Tamika.

"Like she said, 'James never wanted to leave me, and I never did drugs in front of my kids,' and like she said, my son saved my life.' "

The fences have since mended.

"Just the values that she's taught her son, just a lot of things that they went through together."

She says her husband is not a typical athlete.  Tamika calls Jones a humble guy who loves to laugh and be with people, and she says his past makes him the man he is in the present.

"He appreciates the little things, and it's the little things that make him happy."

He also gives back.

James and Tamika run the Love Jones 4 Kids Foundation which helps 7-to-14 year olds in Green Bay and their home city of San Jose, California.

"If you catch the children while they're younger and help lay a foundation, you'll create better adults for the future," she said.

A few other fun facts: Jones one and only household chore is taking out the garbage Sunday nights, but Tamika says some weeks he does better than others.

"Some nights, after the game, he forgets, so Monday morning, when he hears the trash man, he's running outside."

Jones also loves homemade jambalaya and key lime pie.