Super Bowl Frenzy: 45 Ways To Win Super Bowl XLV, Ways XXXIII-XXXVI

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MILWAUKEE - With the 45th edition of the biggest sporting event in the world - well, America at least, and the Green Bay Packers playing in it for the first time in 13 seasons, it's a reality that most people connected to this organization - and almost everyone on the team - have never played in this game.

So perhaps some tips are in order to help the team.

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Every day until kickoff of Super Bowl XLV, we'll give you part of our list of 45 ways for the Packers to win the biggest of big games.

XXXIII: Work on the little things for the next few days, the trick plays, the extra details.
Like I said before, in way number XIX, when you get to the biggest game of your lives, the best way to win is to do what got you here, do what you do best.

I still believe that what gets you victory is doing what you do best.

But two weeks of preparation gives you the chance to add to that repertoire - as long as you know you can do it well.

Lots of unexpected plays, whether subtle or obvious, have proven to be springboards to victory in Super Bowls:
- XVI: 49ers over the Bengals - San Francisco changed one of their regular deep pass plays into a 25-yard comeback hook pattern from Joe Montana to Charlie Young.  It set up the field goal that clinched the victory in the 4th quarter.
- XXI: Giants over the Broncos - a fake punt quarterback sneak by the Giants' Jeff Rutledge in the 3rd quarter.
- XXXVIII: Patriots over the Panthers - a goal line Tom Brady pass to Mike Vrabel, a linebacker who lined up as a tight end.

This is the time to fine tune not just what you do, but what you know you can do which you haven't.

XXXIV: Tim Masthay, you may need a repeat of your performances against the Bears.
Teams like Pittsburgh and Chicago love to run the football, and those types of teams tend to play field position battles.

With their defense, the Steelers can do that and win.

In two field position-style games against the Bears, you owned them.

Time after time, you pinned Chicago inside the 20 yard line, often inside the five yard line.

You may need to do the same thing again against the Steelers.

Oh, by the way, while you do that, don't kick the pigskin into Jerry Jones' overgrown big screen.  (Which we can see here in Milwaukee, by the way.)

XXXV: You're not playing Dallas.  The so-called Dallas curse is not applicable.
Yes, your locale is currently in the Dallas Metroplex.  It's a place you haven't won in since 1989.

But remember something.

There's no star on the helmets on the other side of the line of scrimmage this Sunday.

Jerry Jones is not the team's owner, despite the fact you're playing in his palatial pigpen.

You're not facing Troy Aikman, Emmett Smith, Michael Irvin, DeMarcus Ware, etc.

You're playing the Pittsburgh Steelers, not the Dallas Cowboys.

The curse does not apply Sunday.

XXXVI: Understand Big Ben's experience.
You know that big guy behind the center on Sunday?

He's won a couple of these things.

Ben Roethlisberger knows how to both win Super Bowls where he doesn't perform his best (as in XL, against Seattle) and when he had to perform his best (like XLIII, against Arizona).

And in a close game - which this one probably will become - he has felt the pressures of coming from behind, and he has felt the exhilaration of getting the job done to win it in the final minutes.

He did it to you last year as well, throwing that no-time-left touchdown pass to Mike Wallace to beat you.

Defense, you must match not only his skill and ability, but his confidence that comes from experience.