Super Bowl Frenzy: 45 Ways To Win Super Bowl XLV, Ways XXV-XXVIII

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MILWAUKEE - With the 45th edition of the biggest sporting event in the world - well, America at least, and the Green Bay Packers playing in it for the first time in 13 seasons, it's a reality that most people connected to this organization - and almost everyone on the team - have never played in this game.

So perhaps some tips are in order to help the team.

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Today, and every day from Monday, Jan. 31 until kickoff of Super Bowl XLV, we'll give you part of our list of 45 ways for the Packers to win the biggest of big games.

XXV: You're there.  Get the "we're here" out of your system quickly.
You have arrived in Dallas and have had a night and a day to take in the fact that you are now the most scrutinized team (along with Pittsburgh) in American sports history.

You have walked inside Jerryworld, otherwise known as Cowboys Stadium, in all its over-indulugent grandeur.

The moment has arrived when you know you're here.

Don't indulge in that thought too heavily.  Those get you to daydream of winning the Lombardi Trophy instead of working on the process of getting there, the study, the focused practice, the reminders of the little details that make a big difference.

Focus your thoughts instead on the task at hand.

XXVI: You may get to Roethlisberger; you won't often get him down.
Last year, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews did something you rarely see in the current NFL, a sack of Ben Roethlisberger.

Certainly, such a result is something that this team may need a few times.

Don't expect it too often.

You might get to Roethlisberger with the subpar and injury-affected offensive line in front of him during this game.

But this guy is big.  Real big.

Imagine, if you will, Willie Davis' (a defensive end of the 60's Packers) body type with Dan Fouts' arm.

You can't knock this guy down easily.

You must try anyway.

XXVII: Use the cold as an excuse to stay bundled up in your room and studying.
It's cold outside.  It's icy outside.

The city of Dallas is shut down.

Yes, you have your winter jacket from when you departed Green Bay.

But don't let that be an excuse to get a taxi to take you to some strip club or not-so-up-and-up hangout.

Stay in your room.  Have a hot chocolate.  And study your playbook.

XXVIII: You will face setbacks in this game.  Even amidst the pressure of this game, let them go.
It's very easy to fall into the trap that as soon as you make a mistake or let a setback happen, you will immediately think about the gravity of the mistake in the context of winning and losing a world championship.


Remember something: the same successes, the same ways of succeeding that brought you here can win you a world championship, too.

In other words, just like in a regular season game, let the mistake go.

Odds are, your coach won't have a Monday film session to review what you did wrong in the Super Bowl anyway, so it's one less chewing out.

That's something else to not worry about.  So let it go and move on what's next in the game.

Such a forgetfulness could help you recover and still have a Super Bowl-winning performance.