Storm Team 4: Plows Encountering Problems

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MILWAUKEE - With the beginning of a major two-day snowfall, the Milwaukee Department of Public Works has gone into full snow removal and street-salting mode.

But even they can't control the whipping winds that negate much of their efforts.

"We went into a plowing operation earlier this morning, and we were doing the major arterials before rush hour," said the DPW's Cecelia Gilbert on TODAY'S TMJ4's "Live at Daybreak". 

"We were encountering blowing and drifting snow, so once you clear them, they come back to snow-covered again.  We're going to stay on top of it."

One other thing that could help: you staying on top of the snow by driving over what they pave.

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"With the increased traffic going over those streets, that will help keep the snow from binding to the asphault."

Gilbert's suggestion?

"Leave early, and drive slow."