Storm Team 4: Worst To Come in Waukesha Co.

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NEW BERLIN - Snow has fallen all day Tuesday in Waukesha County, but families are still planning ahead, believing the worst is still to come.

One woman taking a stop at Starbucks in New Berlin took a break from nasty driving conditions.

"The drive was pretty rough," said Sandy Kenney to TODAY'S TMJ4's Tom Murray.

"I'm glad I'm here because I kind of veered off a little bit.  Someone had an accident on the Rock Freeway."

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Mothers are worried about making sure everyone gets home safe.

"Getting the kids off the bus and getting home from work is going to be bad," said Teri Kermendy of Richfield.

"I'm going to make sure I get the kids early and kind of hunker down for the night," explained Sharon Johnson of New Berlin.

A blanket of snow covered I-94 early Tuesday morning.

Plow trucks stayed busy through the morning trying to make the roads easier to pass.

"Neighborhoods are a little tough," warned Dave Biallas of New Berlin.

"I have a small car, so I slide around a lot."

Most people were worried about driving from Waukesha County to their job.

One woman decided to drive through the snowstorm's remnants on Wednesday to Super Bowl XLV to see the Green Bay Packers play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"Yes, we are," explained Donna McKechnie.  "We're leaving tomorrow afternoon, and hope the roads are good."