Super Bowl Frenzy: Packers Rolling Shrine Vandalized

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MILWAUKEE - Pat Small has a big time love, his 1950 Packer Packard.

"It's a beefy car," he said. "It becomes the center piece for the neighborhood with all the parties we have."

It was a few years back when he bought the classic car on the internet. He then turned it into a green and gold rolling shrine.

"Most of the stuff in the car was given to me," he said of the Packers bobbleheads and memorabilia in the car.

But it wasn't what was given that got his attention Sunday morning, it's what was taken.

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"I couldn't believe it. I thought maybe it was around the car, I looked around the car, but then I realized it was crudely smashed," he said.

What used to be Pat's hood ornament was an expensive chrome swan wearing a Packers helmet.

"The person who took it could have just unstrapped it in 5 seconds, they didn't need to break it," he said.

He just happened to park the car on the street near his home on the east side Saturday night.

But it doesn't appear there were any witnesses.

"I know it wasn't a neighbor," he said.

And he's as sure as a game ending Brett Favre interception that it wasn't a Packers fan.

"No. Are you kidding?! I don't think it was a Packers fan. Who would do that?" he asked.

So for now he has a public plea.

"Maybe they'll come forward and return it to me. I'd be really happy about that," he said.

But sack his spirits about the pack, it will not.

"It will be just one low light on a great day."