Analysis: Packers' Most Lovely 'Ugly Win' Ever

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CHICAGO - 340 pound (before breakfast) defensive tackles running in touchdowns may not look sleek, and may look downright ugly in terms of what GQ would say, but it was beautiful.

Game-clinching interceptions of 3rd-string quarterbacks who had fewer snaps in the NFL before Sunday than most people have spouses doesn't seem beautiful, but today, it was.

Tackles of linebackers trying to sprint past you and create a pick six which you threw usually seems ugly, but on this day, never did beauty meet the eye of the beholder more.

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The Packers' Super Bowl berth-clinching 21-14 win over the Chicago Bears - on the road, against their archrival - wasn't beautiful in any way, shape or form, if style points count.

But they don' it's beautiful, as beautiful as any win in the history of the Packers-Bears rivalry could be, or any win in the last 14 years for the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers' day didn't include any TD throws, and the Chicago defense got to him enough that his performance equaled a QB rating of 55.4, less than double his rating after the 48-21 shellacking of Atlanta.

But he made the biggest play of his season on defense, tackling Brian Urlacher before he could get to the 50 yard line after throwing an interception to him, stopping him from a play that eventually would have made Chicago's final drive one that could have ended with a game-winning field goal instead of a final desperation drive at the end zone. 

B.J. Raji's touchdown return in the 4th quarter also was not anything of aesthetic beauty, but when someone sprints with all that girth into the end zone for what turns into the clinching TD, us beer-guzzling, gut-wearing guys love it.

Especially when it sends the Packers 60 minutes away from a championship.

Yes, we hate it when the Packers allow a 3rd string quarterback to come within a touchdown of getting his bust set up over the Chicago River on Michigan Avenue as an all-time Chicago hero.

But Caleb Hanie's performance - meaning a 3rd stringer going nuts - made this win look really ugly.

So did no scoring productivity from the Packers' offense that only scored a combined 41 points in three games against the Bears.

But a win is a win.  And when you don't play your best in an NFC Title Game and still win, on the road, against your archrival, it's beautiful.

You'll need to look better to win the Super Bowl in two weeks.