Packers-Bears: Watch Out for Ticket Scams

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MILWAUKEE - If you don't have Packers-Bears tickets, you probably want them, but watch out for scammers. 

Tickets to the NFC Championship game sold out 60 seconds after they went on sale this week, so thousands of fans have gone online for tickets, but as Call 4 Action consumer advocate Karen Stiles says, they should stay alert for scam artists.

"You want to be really careful about who you're dealing with," said Stiles. 

"If you pay with a credit card, you have some kind of recourse if things aren't what you thought they were going to be."

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Wisconsin's Better Business Bureau warns consumers to never pay in cash if they can help it and to deal only with brokers that provide clear details about the terms of the transaction.

For example, you should know up-front the amount of the surcharge for each purchase; whether the tickets are guaranteed; how they will be sent to you and the timeframe for delivery; and the broker's refund, rescheduling and cancellation policies. 

Also, check to maker sure they're members of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. 

"If you're going to pick up tickets or you're going to buy them online, make sure that you do this through a reputable broker," suggested Stiles.

"If you're not sure if these tickets are legit, get a copy of them first and check them out with a reputable broker or with a Packers or Bears ticket office to make sure you're getting what you thought you were going to get.  Most importantly, go with somebody to pick those tickets up."

In private sales on sites like Craigslist, Stiles says be extra careful because of the increase in a simple, but frighteningly effective scam.

"You make an arrangement with somebody to pick up those tickets locally.  You go to pick them up and unfortunately when you arrive, they don't have intentions of delivering those tickets to you.  They're going to rob you of your cash, and you could get hurt in the process."
So try to meet the seller in a public place and never go alone.