Packers-Bears: Walker, Ill. Governor Set Bet Terms

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MADISON - A Packers win in the NFC Championship Game over the Chicago Bears would mean Illinois' most powerful Bears fan would have to spend time serving in a Wisconsin food pantry wearing green and gold.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn agreed to having the losing team's governor do that, along with flying the winning team's flag in their office for a day.

“I received a lot of great ideas on Twitter including having the Packer flag fly in Illinois,” said Governor Walker in a statement.

“I also received many tweets offering some of Wisconsin’s most famous foods as a wager. I’m grateful that win or lose, those food producers have committed to donating food to the pantry at which the losing Governor volunteers."

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Among the food items that Wisconsin companies would donate to the pantries: 
A 10-pack of frozen custard from Kopp's, based in Milwaukee
50 pounds of bratwurst from Trig's, based in northern Wisconsin
10 Door County cherry pies with cherries from the Door County Visitor's Bureau
A case of juice, a case of cranberry sauce and a case of sweetened dried cranberries from the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association
Two large gift boxes and a case of honey from Wisconsin Natural Acres.

Walker predicted a 28-24 Packers win.