Packers-Bears: Packers Bar Is Green-and-Gold Oasis in Windy City

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CHICAGO - Very few places in Chicago will be pro-Packers when Green Bay and the Bears battle for a spot in the Super Bowl, but at least one sports bar there will act as an oasis for Packers fans. 

"We're going to be packed, no pun intended," said Kevin Kruse.  He helps run Will's Northwoods Inn, a Packers bar on Chicago's north side.

"The level of excitement for this game is off the charts."

On every Packers Gameday, green-and-gold fans fill the place. 

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"As long as the fire marshal in Chicago is not (paying attention,)," quipped Kruse, who estimates that 500 or so Packers fans fill the bar.  But, he tells us that based on raffle ticket distribution, 900 people came for the NFC playoff game against Atlanta.

Kevin told us that for Packers-Bears games, it's just as packed, but more intense.

"There's a line out the door 50 deep of people standing in the cold, waiting to get in," said Kevin, who explains that most, but not all going to his bar will wear Packers colors.

"99% Packers fans, (but) you do get a couple of Bears fans that come in.  They are very brave people.  They think they're going to win the game.  They come in and want the opportunity to be the only one cheering when the Bears score."

The intensity should be even greater with a trip to Super Bowl XLV at stake.

"There's a lot of good-natured ribbing.  It rarely gets out of hand, but we'll have extra security just in case."