New Berlin Police Arrest Woman In Standoff

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NEW BERLIN-New Berlin Police use tear gas to end a standoff with a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend.

“All I heard was screaming and yelling:” ‘Oh somebody stabbed me, somebody stabbed me,’ said Nicole Heiden.
She was inside her apartment when the chaos started. Police evacuated her 12 unit apartment building as the swat team prepared to go in.
“We were standing outside and there was a gun shot that was fired outside the window,” said Heiden.
Police shut down a busy 124th street after the woman fired a shot outside a big bay window. They didn’t want to take any chances.
Ellen Warnken lives near the apartment building. “I did hear about six or seven shot it didn’t sound like a gun so I assumed maybe it was tear gas.”
Police did use tear gas to end the nearly three hour stand off. They say the 50-year old woman who stabbed her boyfriend was intoxicated and appeared suicidal.
 “He was able to escape.” said Lieutenant Mike Glider with the New Berlin Police Department. “He just had that one stab wound in the shoulder.”
The standoff caught residents off guard in this normally quiet neighborhood
as they tried make their way home after work.
“I’m worried about the people on the outside, said neighbor Lauren Cohal, “I just hope nobody’s seriously injured or anything.”
Police say the boyfriend was treated and released from the hospital.