Stepped Up Patrols at Mukwonago School

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TOWN OF MUKWANOGO - Police have increased patrols around Rolling Hills Elementary after they say a suspicious man approached students on the playground Thursday.

Matt Gaecke has two children who go to Rolling Hills.
That's why he got an email from school officials warning him of the situation.
"It's a new principal and I think he did a great job letting us know what was going on so I can make my own judgment," said Gaecke.
School officials say a man in his early 50's driving a dark green Pontiac Sunfire pulled on to the shoulder at Highway NN to throw a soccer ball back over the playground fence that was in the ditch.
He then left and returned a short time later, saying he was looking for his glasses.
Apparently the man spoke to the children on the playground, but when school staff approached to talk to him, he left.
"At this point, the school has requested extra patrol around their lunch hour," said Sgt. Eric Schmidt with the Town of Mukwonago Police Department.
Schmidt believes nothing inappropriate happened, but the school principal says because the man stopped on a rural road he felt it was unusual and wanted to be safe.
Gaecke agrees saying it could be nothing, but he'd rather be safe in case it turns out to be something.
"You worry. You think you're safe out here in Mukwonago, but it could happen anywhere," he said. "So it's good to see the communication and it worked. The kids are talking about it in every grade. And I had an opportunity to talk to my youngest about stranger danger."