In Their Own Words: Barrett, Walker on Job Creation

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  • Gubernatorial Candidates Tom Barrett (D-Milwaukee), Scott Walker (R-Wauwatosa).

MILWAUKEE - Newsradio 620 WTMJ posed six questions to Democrat Tom Barrett and Republican Scott Walker.  We gave each candidate the questions in advance and asked them to formulate 60 second answers that include specifics we can track during their term in office.

Each weekday leading up to the election we'll play you each major gubernatorial candidate's answer to another question at 7:34 on Wisconsin's Morning News and 3:34 on the Greenhouse.

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Question One:

In your first 100 days in office, list at least one specific chance you will make to Wisconsin government that will result in job creation. What level of job creation, how many jobs in what specific time frame, will you consider to be a success? 

 Transcript of response from Democratic Candidate Tom Barrett

Click here to listen to Barrett's response

"One of the first things we're going to do is, we're going to extend the tax cuts for actual job creation that's been successful here.

"It was successful with Republic (Airways) and has been successful with other companies.

"I also want to extend the tax credit for agricultural modernization so farmers can get tax credits for modernizing their farms.

"In terms of job creation, we're focusing on 180,000 jobs over a three year period. This is the number of jobs we have lost during this recession, and I think the first goal should be to get our head above water and replace those jobs.

"These actions are both really in clear contrast to what Scott Walker has been doing, if you look at his actions in 2008, when he actually eliminated his office of economic development at the county level, and now has has filled that position again six weeks before the election.

"I'm going to have these positions and the governor's office infinitely involved with this from day one as the governor of this state."

Transcript of response from Republican Candidate Scott Walker

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"I've said right off the bat, to achieve our goal of 250,000 jobs in our first term in office.

"One of the things I'm going to do on my very first day in office, literally on January 3rd when I take the oath of office, I'm going to go back to the governor's office to declare an economic emergency.

"In doing that, call a special session of the legislature focusing on jobs, in particular for small businesses, we're going to call them in and not let them out until they get the job done - things like lowering the tax burden for on small businesses, easing the regulatory burden, easing the litigation burden, and repealing the state tax on health savings account, all those things sending a very clear message, in our first day in office, how seriously we are.

"Then that jump starts the next budget, which will ultimately be about creating 250,000 jobs by easing the tax burden across the board for individuals, employers, pulling back in litigation and regulation costs, improving our education system, and creating a great infrastructure in this state to get this state working again. "