President Obama to Visit Madison

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MADISON, Wis - President Obama will speak at a large rally on the University of Wisconsin campus Tuesday afternoon.  The goal is to fire up Democratic support among students in advance of the November election.

UW College Democrats spent Monday afternoon painting signs for the rally on Library Mall.  "We've been doing a ton of publicity the last 4 or 5 days getting students excited about this rally," said Evan Giesemann who is a leader of the College Democrats.

Several polls have shown a so-called "enthusiasm gap" between Republicans and Democrats, although Democrats dispute some of the polling data.

Democratic candidate for governor Tom Barrett will speak at the President's rally and explained the visit by saying, "ttraditionally what you've seen is in the off year elections, there's a drop-off. I think he wants to energize that youth vote because he did so well with the youth vote."

Republican candidate for governor Scott Walker criticized the visit.  "Well I think it's a sign the Barrett campaign is in trouble. I think the fact that not only is the President coming in yet again but the fact that he's got to come to Madison - to the University of Wisconsin campus."

Barrett shot back at Walker by saying, "I think if mother Theresa was here, he would be critical of that as well."

 The President's rally is expected to begin about 4:30PM with musician Ben Harper.  The stage is set up on the UW Library Mall. Tickets are not required and attendees will be required to enter through a security checkpoint on Park Street. The security checkpoints are expected to open at 3:30PM.