Packers 2010 Season: Our Experts Predict

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Season Opener: Sunday, September 12th at Philadelphia
Packers Gameday at 1:00 p.m. on Newsradio 620 WTMJ with coverage on Live at 10 on TODAY'S TMJ4 HD

Will the Packers reach the promised land this year?

Will the beloved green and gold reach their 5th Super Bowl, and win their 13th world championship, far outdistancing their NFL counterparts?

Or is the hype that makes seven prognosticators and a majority of predict a Packers appearance in Dallas in February way too great for the reality?

Perhaps some of Our Experts can shed a light on that subject.

2010 Packers Predictions

Our Expert Offense and
Special Teams Keys
Defense and
Intangible Keys

Jeff Falconio
Packers Gameday Reporter and Sports Talk Show Host, 620WTMJ
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Offense: tough yards.
There's no doubt the Packers can through it and even with all the sacks last year the offense cold score but what about the second-and-short, third-and-short situations? Extending drives will be the most important thing the offense can do.

Special teams: coverage.

With so many unknowns defensively the Packers cannot give up field position on kickoffs and punts.

Defense: pass rush.
Certainly Clay Matthews can get to the quarterback but the Packers will need another pass rush specialist to bring the heat from different directions.

Intangible: confidence.
The Saints had it last year as did the Giants in '07. At some point a championship team takes the next step and it's tangible, like all the pieces have come together.

11-5, NFC North title, 1st round bye, lose to Dallas in NFC Divisional Playoffs.
The Packers look very similar to last year's team and the division is there for the taking.

Dan O'Donnell
News Anchor/Reporter and Sports Talk Show Host, 620WTMJ
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Offense: Aaron Rodgers.
Need I say more? Picked by many to be the MVP, as he goes, so goes the Packers offense.

Special teams: Tim Masthay.

The rookie punter averaged 44.9 gross yards per kick in the preseason and will have to keep that up when the games count.


Defense: A.J. Hawk.
He needs to step up and finally show the talent that made him the fifth overall pick four years ago.

Intangible: defense.
Everyone knows the offense is one of the best in the game, but how well the defense steps up in the second year in the 3-4 will determine how far they go in the playoffs.

11-5, NFC Championship game.
'Nuff said.

Jay Sorgi
News, Sports Anchor/Reporter and Packers Blogger,

Offense: The line + Aaron Rodgers' snap-to-throw speed.
The team floundered in the first half of the year - and floundered on one particular season-ending play in overtime in Arizona - because of defenders getting to Rodgers.  If they don't, team - and maybe, league - records could be set.

Special teams: Forcing long fields.
Read the above analysis to see who could pin opponents deep in their own territory - but considering the lack of secondary depth and pass rush, the special team must help.

Defense: Tying those 5-on-3 matchups.
If the defensive line ties up the five blockers up front, the linebackers can win the matchups against running backs and in the blitz.  And they'll have to win because of the status of the subpar and/or injured DB's.

Intangible: The basketball mindset.
Just like the NBA playoffs, every possesion is precious. Considering the Packers' defensive deficiencies, the Packers' offense has to score on most possessions.  The percentage of scoring possessions will be high on both sides of the ball.  ARod, think like Kobe - but with a bit more of an unselfish mindset.

12-4, 1st round bye, lose to Saints in NFC Championship Game. 
A slightly easier schedule than the Vikings - with Dallas at home - gives the Packers a division win by at least a game.  Green Bay will win the cold, cold rematch at Lambeau in January, but the Saints haven't lost a piece to their puzzle, and no one else has improved enough in the NFC.  2011 is the breakthrough season when the Lombardi Trophy comes home.