Packers Edge Eagles, 27-20

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  • Clay Matthews. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Next game: Sunday, September 19th vs. Buffalo
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Monday, 12:00 p.m.
Running back Ryan Grant has suffered what Mike McCarthy called a "significant ankle injury" and will not be in action against Buffalo.

Defensive lineman Justin Harrell has a torn ACL, and will be out for the remainder of 2010.

4th Quarter

6:30 p.m.  Packers' 4th Drive  :37
Victory formation.  48-year drought ended in Philadelphia.

6:23 p.m.  Eagles' 3rd Drive  4:27
The Eagles have 77 yards to tie it, with loads of time to do so, but no time outs.

Vick....runs the 34 yard line for a first down.

Vick with another 16 yard run. 

AT LAST!  Matthews gets the sack on Vick!  Took all day.  :)

Packers 27, Eagles 20
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Oh no.  Avant inside the 45 yard line on 3rd down.  2 minute warning.  A lot to be warned about.

4th and 1: the game, boys...this could be the game...Vick up the middle...did he get it???????????   He couldn't gain one yard!!!!!!!

Brad Jones made the stop!

Wait....did he??  Chain gang comes out.  Snowballs pelting the refs and chain gang.

Wayne: "We will take nothing for granted after 4th-26." 

Wayne gives the dagger call!

6:15 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  5:43
Now, we've got a game.  Unless we get it in field goal range and Crosby makes it a two-score game with 3:00 or less left in the game.

Nelson to the 36 yard line with a great return.  Wayne: "Is that Desmond Howard reincarnated?"

Jackson gets four yards...then to the 45 and 7/8ths...not yet to the first down mark...well, maybe he did!  Nice.

Uh oh.  The Eagles are on to the running-with-Jackson game plan.  Now, a big...huge...mongo...ZOMBO sized 3rd-6.

4:40 left....this is MONSTROUS.

Rodgers gets blitzed....incomplete, underneath Jennings' reach.

Defense, you had better learn to defend Michael Vick, and quick.

6:05 p.m.  Eagles' 2nd Drive  9:25
Green Bay 27, Philadelphia 20
Akers 22 yd FG

50 yards to a one-score game.  Really, 15 yards to a one-score game.

Thankfully, an inaccurate pass on a crossing pattern gets the Packers 1/3rd of the way to avoidance.

2nd down: uh oh.  1st down territory.  Jackson with a comeback pattern and Sam Shields can't guard him.  Then again, few DB's can.

3rd-9 at GB 37: sack time, boys.  Tall order against Vick.

Mr. Vick gets a screen pass inside the 30...25...20....10....ugh.  What the?  What the?

Vick shovels to McCoy...FUMBLE...nope...whistles came too early.

3rd-goal: Vick, slips, thrown into the end zone...THANK GOODNESS FOR NICK COLLINS!  Phew.  Vick kept the play alive for nearly a century.

Collins, though, is hurt, but he leaves under his own power.

6:00 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  10:15
ANOTHER HUGE RETURN by Nelson.  To the 40.  Bishop/Bush with great blocks.  That can immediately swing momentum to help the Packers get a short field drive.

Ah, to break a 48 year jinx.  Could be done, people.  Another 9 minutes of excellence.

2nd down run by Jackson goes backwards.  Brandon Graham won that one against Mark Tauscher.

3rd-13: MUST get first down now.

Uh oh.  INT by Nate Allen, to midfield.  Rodgers was throwing it to nobody.  What???????????

5:49 p.m.  Eagles' 1st Drive  14:16
Green Bay 27, Philadelphia 17
Vick-Maclin 17 yd TD pass
A fumble...but out of bounds...means the Eagles still have a chance at three drives to take the lead.  Fat chance, until you forget how easy the TD drive was earlier.

Vick with the screen to McCoy and he advances it to the 40.  Well set up.  That was just good play calling to set up a 2nd-2...uh oh, no huddle.

Flag down after an incompletion where Macklin let the ball through his hands....but a hold on Woodson.  Darn.  Hate to let drives continue that way.

Vick finds Celek inside the 30.  Vick still has his arm.  A perfect "Dr. Evil" LAAAASSER where he sticks his pinky in his mouth.

Vick finds Avant inside the 10 yard line....but did he catch it on a hop?  Coaches are waiting for a replay....oooooh, from far away, it looked like a catch.

Nick Barnett made a great denial of a completion after a Vick pass to Celek.  Fans wanted the interference flag...but it wasn't.  Just well timed.

BIG Z!  Great sack on Vick...a loss of eight.  Vick was just not paying attention.

Vick finds Maclin....we got a game again.

5:47 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive (continued from 3rd Quarter)
A bad back-hip throw by Rodgers means punting time for Masthay.

3rd Quarter

5:43 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  0:39
Another 15 yard penalty by Philadelphia thanks to fair catch interference.  Nice.  Thanks for helping the Packers out.

5:40 p.m.  Eagles' 3rd Drive  1:56
A good return by Hobbs puts the Iggles (one of the clean derogatory names used against the Eagles) in pretty solid field position, at the 33 yard line.

3rd-5 at 38 yd line: Vick NEARLY picked by Burnett....Macklin was wide open.  Thankfully, not spotted by Mr. Vick.

5:33 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  4:24
Green Bay 27, Philadelphia 10

Now, with Philadelphia showing weaponry in Vick, it's gonna have to turn into a score-for-score game to stay safe.

A 50-yard return by Nelson helps.  NICE!  :)

Jackson slashes, breaks tackles, and gets to the 31 yard line.  An 18-yard run.  Block by Forrest Gregg blew Marion Campbell off the line to open it up...ah, those 1960 Eagles uniforms screwing me up again.

Rodgers bombs to Jennings....32 yard bomb and take that, Vick-sters!

5:18 p.m.  Eagles' 2nd Drive  8:36
Green Bay 20, Philadelphia 10
McCoy 12 yd TD run

Agh.  Kickoff out of bounds.  Giving Vick and company 60 yards to cut the lead.

Jason Peters, the penalty-maker with an offsides.  Great words for Packers fans to hear.  Larry: "He's prone to mental lapses."

3rd-5 at Philly 45: Jackson makes a catch on the other side of the 45 as Vick makes a rocket throw past a Matthews blitz.  That's just quality against a good Packers' defensive scheme.

Vick on 3rd-3....quick pass to Jackson.  Maybe enough for a first?  Either way, you double Jackson on 3rd down....oh well, it's a first.

Uh oh.  Vick the two yard line.  Shades of 2002 against Atlanta with a 31-yard run, and he shook Clay Matthews. 

Larry: "If it's anybody but Vick, he sacks him."

McCoy gets to the end zone, but that's wiped out.  Charles Woodson was taken down with holding more obvious than anything Brad Pitt ever did in a woman's dreams.

1st-goal at 12: Vick over the middle with a great stop by Woodson to force the incompletion.

McCoy...up the middle...the guy we didn't think who would run it in, ran it in.

5:09 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  13:50
Green Bay 20, Philadelphia 3
Kuhn 3 yd TD run

Larry: "Just a good lookin' running play, folks."  That describes Brandon Jackson's drive-starting run.

Rodgers bombs it deep for Jennings and he missed a possible touchdown.  ARod missed a guy who had a step on his defender.

3rd-short: to Driver.  That's just money.  Donald Trump money.

Kolb will be held out due to a concussion.  Samuel may want to be held out due to dropping an easy pick by Rodgers.  Phew.

Rodgers gets a blitz look, changes the play, and the blitz comes - Rodgers GETS FINLEY inside the 30.  Dumb blitz, Philly.  21 yard gain.

A punch-drunk Joe Frazier would have been smarter in picking the defensive moves.

Kuhn's run described by Wayne: "I tell ya, that was a 1960's run in black and white."  Channeling Jim Taylor for 12 yards, and Chuck Bednarik was not there to sit on Kuhn.

Jackson does similar...pounding to the three. 

Kuhn....UP THE MIDDLE!  TD!  "And there's the Green Bay Packers running game, as from days of yore..."

5:05 p.m.  Eagles' 1st Drive  15:00
I forgot!  The 56-yard field goal by Crosby was a team record, breaking Jacke's 1996 GWFG vs. San Francisco in 1996.

Vick starts the 3rd quarter at QB.  Vick escapes Raji after a 23 yard gain.  Not surprised that Vick could escape Raji.  It's Raji.  Not a guy with a 4.4 40 yard dash.

Williams gets a fumble near the GB 37!!!!  Brandon Chillar loosened the ballcarrier's noggin, while Charles Woodson loosened the football.

2nd Quarter

4:46 p.m.  Packers' 4th Drive  :40
Green Bay 13, Philadelphia 3
Crosby 56 FG

It's put some points up quick time...first to Jennings for 11 yards and out of bounds.  First, get the first down.  Then, get to the sidelines.  Good ideas.

So is to draw an Eagles defender offsides.

Driver gets another first down to the 45.  Doesn't stop the clock, which stinks because it's the 3rd and final time out.  They have to manage the game right now.

Smart move by Rodgers to scramble to the sidelines to get seven yards.  Wide open, though, was Finley.  ARod just didn't see him.

:23 left - Rodgers gets Jones along the sideline at the 45.  Just three yards, but a new set of downs.

:15 left - have the field goal unit ready, boys.  Rodgers....find Nelson near the 38.  Rodgers gets the ball clocked at the :03 mark.  Nice, though the Philly fans boo.

56 yard attempt by Crosby.  He has the leg.  The only problem: if the Philly fans boo so loud that the sound waves repulse his attempt.

They don't.

4:42 p.m.  Eagles' 3rd Drive  1:48
Agh!  Almost an interception by Matthews.  Had his paws on it.  Notice how guys who never touch the ball have "paws" while guys who handle it often have "hands."

3rd-4 from the 32: the receiver's ankle...but caught by an O-lineman before the first down.  That's legal.  The hold on Cullen Jenkins wasn't.  Phew.

4:24 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  7:42
Green Bay 10, Philadelphia 3
Rodgers-Driver 6 yd TD pass

76 yards to the promised land, boys.

Grant snags 13 of them on the best run of the day so far.

WHOA!  Grant is owning this Eagles defense.  18 yard run...oh, no.  Grant still down.  Crouched up in the fetal position like a girlfriend you break up with.  He limps off under his own power.

1st-10: Rodgers has to dump it to Lee....and he loses a couple a Colledge tripping call.  This is a revolting development.  Is that a Larry McCarren or Bugs Bunny reference?

2nd-12: Brandon Jackson, the expected running back for the rest of today, gets four yards.  Could that have been more by Grant?

3rd-9: get into field goal range at least in this defensive struggle.

Rodgers with a moving pocket - WHAT A CATCH BY JENNINGS!  One hander at the 19!  That was major hang time...Dr. J worthy.

Jackson with a GREAT first down on a pass from Rodgers...that seemed like a bit of an improvisational play.

After two-minute warning: ARod...DROPPED BY NELSON AT THE GOAL LINE!  OMG.  Larry: "I don't think Jordy Nelson dropped a pass all camp."

3rd-goal: Rodgers - YESSSS!!!   Driver!  50 career TD receptions.  At last.

WHAT?  A review?  Again?  Just like Chicago-Detroit?  Nope...they got this one right.

4:17 p.m.  Eagles' 2nd Drive  10:01
Philly will start on the 22.  Nice 48 yard punt, Masthay.

Bell powers up for nine yards, perhaps because of the hold the Eagles' Peters was caught doing.

Kolb finds Jackson, but Tramon Williams found the ball first for a heck of a deflection.

2nd-long: McCoy gets to the...well, not the 20 yard line.  Still 3rd-long.

3rd down: Kolb...FUMBLE...out of the 53 2/3rds yards space that's in it's Packers getting the ball back on a punt, even if the refs rule the fumble was incomplete.

4:14 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  11:06
Let's see what Tramon Williams can do on a punt return.  We've seen him break it before.

Yeah, he breaks it...inside the 20.  Still, did his job.

Larry: "The most exciting nine yards in the history of punt returns."  Except for the first nine of Walter Stanley's 1986 return vs. Detroit.

3rd-2: Heck of a job getting free to get a throw off to Jackson...but useless.  No first down.

3:59 p.m.  Eagles' 1st Drive  13:52
Wayne: "During the field goal, Justin Harrell went down."  You fill in the comment.

3rd-1 at PHI 47: Vick gets upended in the hole, but it's a first down.

Whoa: Eagles have lost Leonard Weaver.  Left leg issue.  No fullbacks left.  I sense some sacks coming.

SEE!  B.J. Raji and Cullen Jenkins destroying Kolb.  Told ya!  :)

3rd-18: Kolb bombs it deep...deflected by Williams...intercepted by Woodson!!!!!!!!!!  I don't see the Eagles scoring much today.

Uh...wait...Reid challenges the Woodson call....and he may have a point.  The ball looks like it bounced off grass.

Never mind.  Still a punt, though.

3:50 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  (Continued from 1st Qtr)
Green Bay 3, Philadelphia 3
Crosby 49 yd FG

Jenkins has a clubbed cast on his hand, but he has his helmet.  Guess he wants to still play.

Rodgers gets sacked, thanks to Mark Tauscher getting killed by Parker.

Wayne: "Anything jump out at ya?"  Larry: "Yeah, Packers didn't look particularly sharp."

Rodgers sacked again...Cole this time, and it's right to the cusp of field goal range.  Thankfully, they still have 3rd down.

Jackson picks inside to the 32...improves the field goal chances.  49 or 50 yarder still better than 54.

1st Quarter

3:40 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  4:23
Ryan Grant gets stoned for -2.  Cole eats Grant like he was my mom's spaghetti and meatballs.

AGH!  Rodgers misses Finley again...but a flag down for pass interference.  Finley's being covered by a linebacker, and interfered with by a linebacker.  That's the only defense you can use if you're a linebacker.  Maybe the great Dave Robinson could have covered him.  That's it.

Rodgers cannons one to Jennings for 14 yards.   ARod doesn't have a laser arm, but he can power it.

FINALLY!  A completion to Finley to the 37.  This is more like it.

Rodgers-to-Finley.  If I was an opponent team's fan, I'd say this would be getting old.

3rd-2 inside Philly 30: ah, Rodgers' legs get the first.  I'll let the ladies decide the quality of his legs.  As long as they get him free to throw and run for first downs, that's cool.

3:31 p.m.  Eagles' 2nd Drive  8:23
Eagles 3, Packers 0
Akers 45 yard FG

53 yards to ugh-dom for Packers fans.  The defense isn't known for being a world stopper.

Macklin makes a nice reverse to get into Packers territory.  The Eagles must have talked to Badgers O-coordinator Paul Chryst to get that play.

Vick at QB now: and Chillar gets to him at the 36...but a five-yard gain.  That added dimension.  Scary.  Nightmares from 2002 playoffs coming into my head.

McCoy proves the Packers can't stop the run.  Seven yard gain.  MUST stop the run at the first level to help your pass defense by keeping teams honest.

THERE YA GO!  Barnett stopping the run for a -1 loss.  Don't celebrate too much in Philly - fans are likely to throw snowballs at...oh, wait.  It's 69 degrees there.

Kolb - back throw foot means an incompletion, and Celek gets an offensive pass interference penalty to back them out of field goal range.  Nice.

3rd-21: Vick QB drawing...uh oh....inside the 30 yard line.  Not a first down, but it gets them into three-point range.

928 year old David Akers comes on.

3:25 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  11:42
Larry: "An underwhelming offensive series for both clubs."  We'll see if that changes here.

Rodgers' 1st completion: to Jennings for a six-yard gain.  Never mind....a five-yard Eagles penalty.  One penalty per possession so far on Philly, but the completion won't count.

Rodgers' 1st completion that counts: to Driver for a first down.

A couple of runs by Grant to make it 3rd-5.  Watch the matchup of Mark Tauscher against rookie Brandon Graham, who came from Michigan and ate up the Badgers a couple times.

3rd-5: Jones gets the first down after a catch while being swarmed by Bednarik, Marion Campbell and Tom Brookshier (sorry...those 1960 Eagles' uni's are OLD looking).

3rd-15 after a sack by Packer: Rodgers gets deflected and picked...ugh...Hanson.  This offensive juggernaut isn't very juggernautty.

3:19 p.m.  Eagles' 1st Drive  14:36
Masthay's first punt?  48 yards.  Not bad, Mr. New Guy.

Hmmm...a Philly five-yard penalty on the first offensive play - drawn by Vick.  I think this might become a trend, which I would not complain about.

CLAY MATTHEWS!  Sack at the 24.  Like Ray Nitschke on Van Brocklin.  Three-and-out...another rare event this year.

3:15 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  15:00
The Packers own the toss and will receive.

Yeah, the Eagles are wearing the 1960 uniforms, but they haven't dug up Norm Van Brocklin to take over for Kevin Kolb.  I'm confident.

The Packers get to the 23 to start this contest.

1st play: something you'll rarely see this year: a pass to Finley being incomplete.  That's almost guaranteed money.

Aaron Rodgers on his first two throws: colder than a Philly cheese steak sitting outside in January for two hours.

Thanks, Eagles D-line, for making 3rd-10 much easier with an encroachment penalty.  :)

Not like it matters when you throw behind Greg Jennings.


The Green Bay Packers' 92nd season begins today in the city of not-so-brotherly-love-to-visiting teams.

It's a season of great expectations, as many national pundits are writing the Packers' ticket to Dallas in early February for Super Bowl XLV.

Perhaps it's premature to make such a prediction, though it's against our nature to try.

Every week, we'll also give you our thoughts as to who will win the weekly contest.

Here's the experts that have given us predictions for this week:

Packers at Eagles

Our Expert When Packers have the ball When Eagles have the ball Prediction

Jeff Falconio
Packers Gameday Reporter and Sports Talk Show Host, 620WTMJ
More: A Falcon's Eye View

Pass protecting.
Philadelphia has always been an agressive, blitzing team and they will test Green Bay's offensive line throughout.

Secondary matchups.
The Eagles have three good receivers and they are fast. They will find the weak link in the secondary and try to exploit it.

Philadelphia 28,
Green Bay 27.
Expect plenty of offense but the Packers defense with a thin secondary and weak pass rush will look a lot like late last year.

Dan O'Donnell
News Anchor/Reporter and Sports Talk Show Host, 620WTMJ
More: The O'Blog

Ryan Grant and the other RB's.
Establishing the running game early will open things up for Rodgers and the high-powered passing attack.

The middle 4.
The linebacking corps must keep the pressure on untested quarterback Kevin Kolb to force mistakes.

Green Bay 27,
Philadelphia 24.
Philadelphia may be a tough place to open the season, but the Packers will show why they're one of the best in the NFC immediately.

Jay Sorgi
News, Sports Anchor/Reporter and Packers Blogger,

The front five.
How fast the line coagulates into a top-flight unit will tell how far the team can go, and there's not time like the present.

Mobile, agile beef.
The guys up front have to take on the O-line five on three to let the Packers' potent linebacking corps wreak havoc on Kolb.

Green Bay 34,
Philadelphia 28. 
I'm not sure if there's a game where the Packers shouldn't be expected to top 30 points on offense. There's plenty of games where they'll have to. Even with an inexperienced Kolb, this is one of them.