Dog Sniffs for Bedbugs at UWM

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MILWAUKEE - UWM is taking precautions to keep bed bugs out of the dorms.  The school has a 'bed-bug' sniffing dog going through the dorms to make sure students can sleep tight without a bed-bug bite.

UWM brought in beagle to sniff out the little insects, a relatively new method.

"The dog has been trained to sniff out bed begs, they are trained down in Florida for four months and the handler is certified, this last couple of days we've had a dog here and this dog is going room to room," said UWM Facilities Operations Manager Mike Varebrook.

There's been an outbreak of bed-bugs across the country.  And it's not just in beds, but all over.  UWM did find bed bugs in two dorms last semester, so this year, they are doing everything they can to prevent the problem.

Students are noticing.  "It reassures me that they not only care about my health and well being," said senior Brittany Johnson.

The bed-bugs don't transmit anything infectious, but they do bite you and your pets when you're asleep.  And they multiply fast.  So taking precautionary measures is important.

"We want to set all the students, parents' minds at ease so that they can move into this environment
knowing that when they get here it is clean sanitizes safe and if there is a problem we can handle
it immediately," said Varebrook.

The dog has been sniffing out the North Tower at Sanburg Hall for 2 days now and so far all is clear.