Man Ticketed, Called Woman at Checkout "Ugly and Fat"

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SAUKVILLE - A man is a little poorer after confronting a woman about abusing express checkout at the grocery store.

Saukville police officer Barry Effinger says a Piggly Wiggly customer was in a hurry, and saw the express lane was open.

She asked the clerk if she could check out there, even though she had far more than 10 items.

The clerk said it was OK, but one guy wasn't too happy about it and let the woman know.

"The female subject, the complainant then turned back toward the man (and said) 'I got permission here. Is there a problem?' That's when the person said to her, 'Yeah, the problem is that you're ugly and fat,'" explained officer Effinger.

Effinger explained that guy continued to harass the woman until she finally called police.

Effinger said he's dealt with the man's anger issues before. The man was hit with a ticket for $429.