Walker Staffer Accused of Racist Tweet

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MILWAUKEE - While President Barack Obama was in town stumping for Tom Barrett, Scott Walker's communications director Jill Bader forwarded a controversial message via twitter. 

The message was re-tweeted from a blog. It linked to a You Tube video of African American's dancing in a nightclub to the song "Ride the Train" and said it was Barack Obama's response to Walker's anti high speed rail website. The same tweet had also been forwarded by another Walker staffer.
Democrats blasted the tweet as having racial undertones.
 "At the very least it was distasteful and disrespectful," said State Senator Lena Taylor, (D-Milwaukee). Taylor added it stereotyped and entire group of people.
The tweet also earned Bader the title "Worst person in the world" by MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann.
Bader removed the tweet quickly saying she thought she was linking to something else.
Walker's campaign refused on-camera or phone interviews. Instead, they issued a statement calling it an "honest mistake." "When it was brought to our attention, she immediately removed the message and apologized to anyone that was offended by it," the statement from the campaign manager read.
Barrett says Walker should apologize. He doesn't believe the tweet was an accident.
"I think they compounded matters by saying it was an accident. You don't have two people, two high ranking people in your campaign send out the same tweet and say it was an accident because it wasn't an accident," he said.
Walker's Republican opponent, Mark Neumann, did not comment on the controversy.