100,000 honey bees removed from tree near Fond du Lac home

CREATED Jul 15, 2014

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FOND DU LAC - A scary scene in Fond du Lac after a swarm of bees takes up residence near a home.

Alfred and Rosalie Otto called police after about 100,000 honey bees were discovered clinging to their maple tree.
Officers taped off the area and called the Fond du Lac Fire Department who have received special training to handle bees.
Lt. Todd Shippee with the department is a beekeeper in his spare time.
"We were concerned about public safety, it is always number one," Shippee said.
But he added, "We'd like to save the bees because of colony collapse disorder and the shortage of honey bees."
Pictures snapped by the Otto's show Shippee remove the branch that weighed about 10 lbs.
The tens of thousands of bees are now home at Shippee's hives on the outskirts of town. 
He said no one was stung during the removal process.