Dirty Dining

Seafood restaurant has roaches on repeat visit

CREATED Jun 5, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The first time we stopped by this place on the south side it was rodents, now it's roaches. Here's what the owner had to say about his health inspection.

It's El Bucanero on Muskego and Burnham. We were there two years ago and never heard back from the owner.

The owner wasn't there, but this time Marcos Diaz called us back to talk about things like lettuce and cheese that were too warm. Diaz says they ordered a new cooler.

One of the sinks in the restaurant didn't have any soap, and the inspector saw dead and live roaches. Diaz claims he does regular pest control, but it's an old building.

When it comes to this restaurant's history they've been fined for problems in four out of six inspections. Diaz claims they are doing better at keeping things clean.

Also dirty this week Athens Family Restaurant on Lover's Lane and Silver Spring. We've been there twice before. This restaurant keeps having the same problems. Food temperatures, mold on cutting boards, and no expiration dates on food.

Keeping things clean - Boz's Sports Bar & Grill on South 70th just north of Greenfield Avenue in West Allis.