Milwaukee-area suppliers out of firewood as propane shortage continues

CREATED Feb 4, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The propane shortage has led to a run on firewood as people scramble to find alternative ways to heat their homes, but many places are out of firewood.

The phones at Blue Flame Firewood in Milwaukee have been ringing off the hook ever since the propane shortage began. 
"There's been a lot of people looking for firewood that I don't think really used firewood in the past," said owner Jason Brown. 
The supplier has been out of firewood since the middle of December because of the extremely cold temperatures.  Now people who are affected by the propane shortage are trying to find firewood, but the task is proving to be difficult.  
"I really wish I had more of an inventory and supply, but it kind of is what it is and when you're out, you're out."
Blue Flame is working to create more firewood for next season, but the process takes time.  Firewood has to season and dry before it can be burned.
"You can't cut a tree down and then turn it into firewood and expect to burn it the very next day.  The moisture content has to come out of the wood " explained Brown. 
As far as advice for people looking for firewood, Brown said there's not much you can do except search around. 
"I will caution anyone who purchases firewood this late in the season to do your homework and ask a lot of questions about when the wood was split, how long it's been in firewood form, and what type of wood it is."
Blue Flame Firewood isn't the only supplier that's out of firewood.  Several others in the Milwaukee area report they've run out as well.