Ultralight Plane lands at High School Graduation

CREATED Jun 14, 2014

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Talk about making your mark as a new graduate.

The father of graduating senior at Hamilton High School in Sussex made sure his son arrived to his commencement ceremony in a most unforgettable fashion. With his son on-board dressed in his fire-engine red cap and gown ensemble, he landed his ultralight plane right on the high school's front lawn Saturday afternoon. A crowd of hundreds watched stunned.
"I think it's pretty crazy, " said Alan Larson, a parent who attended the ceremony to watch his daughter graduate. Larson said the plane circled and then landed on the lawn near the parking lot where people were streaming in the building.
"I think it was over the top. Especially with an ultralight, with a wind gust it could have been a problem," said Larson. Although I must commend him, he was a very good pilot and it wasn't that close a call because he only had a 30-40 foot margin of error.
"It's not everyday you go to a graduation and you see an ultralight land in front of a school." 
The pilot told WTMJ-TV he was issued a citation from the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department. He did not want to elaborate any more about the incident. The Sheriff's Department and the Waukesha County School District did not confirm any details about what happened.
The FAA has restrictions about landing ultralight planes in areas where large groups are gathered. Ultralight pilots, however, are not required to have a license. 
The ultralight plane remained on the front lawn as the commencement ceremony took place. Father and son left school grounds the same way they came in: flying off into the sky on the colorful ultralight plane. ​