Community gathers to honor Sierra Guyton, asks to 'put these guns down'

CREATED Jul 13, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 14, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Hundreds packed the Clarke Street playground tonight to say goodbye to Sierra Guyton.  The young girl passed away over the weekend.  Her little body giving up after an 8 week fight.

Now, her neighborhood is demanding change.  Out of a celebration of Sierra's life, also comes a call four action. 
Balloons and a playground full of hope overtaking the violence that happened here two months ago when 10-year-old Sierra Guyton was hit in the head by a bullet.
Love surrounds this family on the Clarke Street playground but even that is not enough.  Sierra's mother is overcome by the loss of her daughter. 
Sierra's grandmother is also struggling, telling us, "I'm not supposed to be burying my grand baby.  She's supposed to bury me."  But Bridgette Perry says tonight shows there is still hope for change. "We gotta put these guns down. I don't want to hear another grandmother crying or another mother or father crying because their child was slain by a gun."
And that's what this family is asking of this neighborhood, this city, this state.   A young girl, uniting us all.  Something Sierra's father wants to benefit other children. "My baby was enough. There's a lot of children fighting for their life, to play, basically for their freedom," Onjuan Guyton pointed out.
Guyton asks us all to carry this momentum into tomorrow and the next day. "I hope this is a message for everybody to wake up, and we don't just do this tonight and get back on the same mess tomorrow."