Surveillance video shows moments before 11-year-old shot in convenience store

CREATED Jun 15, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 16, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Witnesses report a shooting happened just before 7 p.m. Sunday inside a convenience store in the 2500 block of West Hopkins.

It has an eerie connection to the shooting of another Milwaukee girl.  Just steps away, a fundraiser was held on Friday night for Sierra Guyton who continues fighting for her life.

"We're just now dealing with Sierra Guyton, ya know a ten year old who got shot and now an eleven year old got shot. What is it gonna take for people to wake up?" questioned Tracy Dent, community activist.
Sparkle Foods had yellow tape around it Sunday night following the shooting.
"I can't stand it, ya know, innocent victims, I go through this everyday ya know, but I ain't moving," said Anthony Van Dyke, witness.
We're hearing that a gunman held up the store, then fired at least one shot inside.
"Has it been robbed before?  Yes, it was robbed last week," said Van Dyke.
After the shooting, a witness ran into the bar next door for help That's when Anthony Van Dyke took a look outside.
"I saw a body that fireman were working on, so I don't really know, I just hope the little girl's all right," said Van Dyke.
Milwaukee police confirm the girl was a customer in the store. Her injury, we're told is non life threatening. Witnesses say after being shot, she was able to run out of the store, then collapsed around the corner. 

Watch the raw surveillance video below: