Car crash kills 19-year-old

CREATED Jun 21, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A neighborhood on Milwaukee's north side is in mourning after a fiery crash kills a 19-year-old man.


Charred pavement at N. 24th and Fairmount marks the spot where the well loved young man lost his life around 1 a.m. Saturday.

Family and friends say Julian Hicks had a way of capturing the hearts of everyone he met.

"It's like I lost a little brother," said Rachel Malone, a neighbor.

Hicks was just a half block from home and turning into the alley when he was hit head on by an apparent drunk driver.

"The striking vehicle was traveling fast and I do know that the officers at the scene did support that he was under the influence of at least alcohol," said Milwaukee Police deputy inspector Terrence Gordon.

Anthony Bates lives on the corner and rushed outside.

"We just heard a big bang, or shhh shh shh and then we got up. I looked out," said Bates.

Bates saw the car on fire and then saw a police officer try to get to the victim but held back by the flames. Power on the block also went out following the accident.

"They broke off the telephone pole, bounced off the tree, took another tree out and the car wound up on the corner here," said Bates.

What's left now are the memories.

"He's one of those good ones I think a lot of people are gonna come out and support," said another neighbor.

"Every time you see him, he was always laughing about something. He was college bound. He was supposed to go to Columbia in the fall in Chicago for music," said Malone.

Milwaukee Police could not confirm whether they took the other driver into custody and what charges if any that person may face in this fatal crash.