A wild day of weather in Waukesha county.

CREATED Dec 20, 2012

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A wild day of weather in Waukesha county.

Folks in New Berlin woke up to rain Thursday...A lot of it.

Jodie Liedtke: "the grandkids wanted to go see the christmas bears and then the three year old said 'but grammy it's so yucky out. It's so yucky out.' it's like well, this is what we get."

By 2:30, the wet stuff turned white. John Feltman changed up his regular routine to avoid being on the road.

John Feltman: "i worked from home today so that made it a little bit better. I didn't have to do the downtown commute."

Matt Stephan's work *is the road. He was slammed all day clearing snow and saw plenty of drivers who didn't know what they got themselves into.

Matt Stephan, plow driver: "i've seen a bunch of people in ditches. You just laugh it's like people just need to slow down."

And the plows had their work cut out for them. Even though Menomonee Falls only got a few inches, you could see mounds of snow across town.

Matt Stephan, plow driver: "started with snow at one in the morning, came out, and then it changed to all rain and then we had a 45 minute-hour break and then we're back at it again.

And even though there's a little mess left behind, there's always a bright side.

John Feltman: "i'm glad i'm not in madison tonight."

Madison got more than a foot today. The danger now is the slush and water left behind freezing, which could make for a very slippery situation.