We Love Green Bay

Come find out what makes this city so grand as we visit during our "We Love Wisconsin" tour!

CREATED Aug. 15, 2013

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  • We Love Wisconsin - Green Bay Image by Helen K.

  • Heather from Angel Classic Image by Helen K.

  • Greg's getting down with the corned beef hash Image by Helen K.

  • Theresa Barlzment--Owner of The Pancake Place Image by Helen K.

  • Mom & I by a big Noodle :) We love being goofy in our Bibs! Image by Neville Spanaus

  • We Love Wisconsin - Green Bay Image by Helen K.

  • Green Bay Preble High School Center Stage Show Choir Image by Helen K.

  • Cliff Christl Packers Heritage Trail Founder Image by Helen K.

  • Larry McCarren and Mark Murphy join us! Image by Helen K.

  • Bill, Sarah and Heather from Angel Classic. An organization that donates money to the families of cancer patients. Image by Helen K.

  • The Pancake Place chow

  • The Pancake Place--best breakfast! Image by Helen K.

  • This is my 8 month old granddaughter, Paige Marie Ruback, on Saturday Friday October 18, during a Lambeau Field tour! She is 8 months old and LOVING her Green Bay packers! - Paige's Nana Ann Holleback

  • Met Brian Gotter at Packer game! Names in the photo from left to right is Rebecca, Val and Nicole (myself). - Nicole

  • John and Donny on opening day at Lambeau

  • After 29 years on the season ticket waiting list, the view from our new seats in the South end zone seating area is INCREDIBLE! - Brad and Zach Fisher Richland, Washington

It's called Titletown for a reason. This City of Green Bay is more than the homeplace of the Green Bay Packers, it's a fantastic addition to our We Love Wisconsin line up.

Newsradio 620 WTMJ will stop by The Pancake Place on Friday, Nov. 8 as part of our All American Window and Door "We Love Wisconsin" tour.

Want to know a bit more about Green Bay? Check out the following information!