Text Alerts


Text Alerts

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Get Milwaukee's breaking news wherever you go!
Stay in touch with 620WTMJ wherever you are. Want to know if your children's schools are closed?

You can receive messages in the following categories:

-620WTMJ News Alerts

-Sports scores

-Badgers (Football - Half and Final Scores / Men's Basketball - Final Score)

-Bucks (Final Score)

-Brewers (7th inning/Final Score)

-Packers (Each Quarter and Final Score)

-Events, promotions and chances to win free stuff

-School Closings - Get a text message sent directly to your phone if your school is closed.

There's six inches of snow outside, so you and your kids want to know if class will be in session or not. Instead of waiting through hundreds of other school closing announcements, why not sign up to receive an instant text message or e-mail, specifically for your school? No work, no hassle, no waiting!

The best part is that the service is free and user-specific. If your child goes to the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, you only get alerted to that school's closure, not 500 others.

If you're a news junkie who can't be tied to a computer or TV all day, news alerts will give you an immediate notice of the latest breaking news. Know about it before anyone else in the office.

The idea is to keep you in the know, on the go! We bring the information right to you, wherever you are, and we bring it to you fast, with cutting-edge technology that's easy to use.

*Although we do not charge you for this service, your carrier may charge you for text messages that you send and receive. Please check your provider for details.

Click here to sign up for or update your current wireless text alerts.

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