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President Obama: 'We feel confident we will have the votes to win'

CREATED Nov 6, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 6, 2012

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  • Video by wtmj.com

  • Video by wtmj.com


MILWAUKEE- President Barack Obama expects the presidential race to be close, but believes he will be victorious when all the electoral votes are added up.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Mike Jacobs talked to the president in an exclusive one-on-one interview on Tuesday.  Jacobs asked the president why he wasn't winning handily, based on historical track records of incumbent presidents.

"If you look at most elections.  They're pretty close, four years ago 47 percent of the people didn't vote for me," says Obama.  "We've got very competitive parties and Governor Romney's run a very spirited campaign."

Several state and national polls show a close race between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

"We feel confident we will have the votes to win," said Obama during his nearly six-minute interview with Mike Jacobs.

Obama said that if elected president again, he wants to focus on fixing the country's economic crisis.

"The key is how do we strengthen the recovery, a big chunk of that is how do we reduce our deficit...my intention is to reach out to Republican leaders with a balanced plan."

Obama urged Wisconsin voters to make sure they get out and cast their ballot by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

"I just hope that everybody who is watching, whether Democrat or Republican or Independent, takes the time to vote."

TODAY'S TMJ4 also asked to interview Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan, but they were not available.