Wisconsinites tired of political ads

CREATED Nov 5, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 5, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - From robo calls to political flyers, voters here in Wisconsin have been overwhelmed with campaign ads, creating one topic that people can actually agree on.  "I'm very sick of the political ads right now," Nicole Vanthoff tells TODAY'S TMJ4's Jesse Ritka.

Even the President agrees, "For the past week, in the midst of all of this campaigning and electioneering.  Way too many TV commercials," Obama said in Madison today on his final day of campaigning.

But the ads keep coming and the phone keeps ringing.  Milwaukee residents have heard robo calls from both presidential hopefuls like this one from Governor Mitt Romney, "You and your neighbors in Milwaukee could make the difference, I'm running for president."

"It's the same story, it's the same story over and over, every 4 years," sighs James Damato.  The attitude toward the campaign this year seems to have hit rock bottom.  Alex Vanthoff  agrees, "I'm going to be happy when these terrible political ads are off TV to be honest.  I think it's definitely worse in Wisconsin."  Worse because more focus is on Wisconsin this year, partially because of Paul Ryan, but the political ads are just as common in the Senate race between Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson.

Paula Bales is more concerned about the outcome of the elections than the advertisements but she admits she will be happy to have them come to an end, "I'd have to say that Tammy Baldwin's swearing ad has about got me, I think it's not very complimentary to any female."

And while the background ballads may compliment the politician's commercials, it's not music to many people's ears, "I'm just tired of the dramatic music and the dun dun dun kind of thing."

It's more than just commercials and calls.  Nicole Vanthoff has a full mailbox, "Nothing but flyers and we always joke about how much money they are putting into these flyers and what else could that money have been used for."

But there are a few like Erik Eisenmann that aren't tired of candidates vying for your vote, "I actually enjoy it, I'm a political junkie, I really enjoy all the excitement that's associated with this time of the year."

But the majority is just waiting for Wednesday, "I'm just ready to get the regular commercials back," says Nicole Vanthoff.