Red, White and Blue

Obama, Baldwin lead in final Marquette poll

CREATED Oct 31, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 31, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The final pre-election Marquette University Law School poll has President Barack Obama leading GOP challenger Mitt Romney by eight points.

Mr. Obama leads Mr. Romney 51-43 percent.

"That's a big move from the one-point lead he (Obama) had two weeks ago," says the poll's director, Charles Franklin.

"Two weeks ago he (Obama) was coming off a widely seen poor performance in the first presidential debate," says Franklin.  "At the conclusion of the debates he (Obama) has moved back into a higher single-digit lead."

Madison Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin led former Wisconsin GOP Governor Tommy Thompson, 47 to 43 percent in the same poll.

"Two weeks ago Thompson and Baldwin were essentially tied," says Franklin, contrasting the most recent poll to their previous poll.

Franklin said that independent voters seemed to shift some allegiance in the poll.

Last week, Romney and Thompson led among independents.  This week, the President and Baldwin had the lead among those voters.