Red, White and Blue

GOP, Democratic crowds gather in Janesville to watch VP debate

CREATED Oct 11, 2012

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JANESVILLE- Two very different crowds watched the vice presidential debate in Paul Ryan's hometown of Janesville.

One included Congressman Ryan's friends and family.  The other believes Paul Ryan is no friend to the middle class.

One room's cheers and boos timed to the Republican's hits and the Democrat's misses.  Not to mention -- the VP candidate's brother pacing the room a little nervously.

"I had a restless sleep last night thinking about him..." described Paul Ryan's older brother Tobin.

Once the debate began, the elder Ryan saw his kid brother hold his own in a fight of Irishman against Irishman.

"The first word out of the vice president's mouth that I recognized was malarkey. So there's certainly some Irish candor that's being used tonight," says Tobin Ryan.

Across town -- supporters of President Obama watched from a union hall.

They also liked that word -- malarkey.  Welcoming Vice President Biden's willingness to call out the congressman.

"I'd like to see him hit back and make sure he responds to points Paul Ryan makes maybe we don't agree with," says Janesville resident Coral Swanson.

State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate sees this debate as a chance to keep a surging Romney campaign -- honest.

"He's been busted for not telling the truth about his marathon time," says Tate.  "We're gonna see tonight if he tells the truth about what his policies really are."