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Ryan to accept Republican VP nod

CREATED Aug 28, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 29, 2012

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TAMPA, FL- Janesville Rep. Paul Ryan will accept the vice presidential nomination Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

He's the first Wisconsinite to ever be on a major party ticket.

Supporters can gather at 6:30 p.m. to watch Ryan's speech at a Republican event in Waukesha.

We've gotten to know a lot about Paul Ryan, the politician, but TODAY'S TMJ4's Mike Jacobs sat down with Ryan, before he left for Florida, to learn more about Paul Ryan, the person.

"I want to tell you how proud I am to be from Janesville," said Ryan.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Mike Jacobs: "How has your life changed over the last couple of weeks?"

Paul Ryan:  "Lotta hotels (laughs) so it was great to be in our own bed with my family at home here in Janesville."

Ryan has campaigned non-stop since being named vice president -- maintaining a grueling schedule that will continue until November.

"I thought it would be more draining.  It's more energizing," said Ryan.  "The crowds around America want to see a change."

Ryan also told TODAY'S TMJ4 how he learned he would be running for vice president.  Mitt Romney called him to an aide's home near Boston, and popped the question.

"He spent a long time telling me what he did in his life, what his values are, and how he believes this is an incredible moment for the country," described Ryan.  "And he asked me to join his ticket and help him govern."

TODAY'S TMJ4's Mike Jacobs: "Your heart start pounding at that?" 

Paul Ryan: "Yep, and I said 'yes let's get it done.'"

After informing his wife, Ryan called his mom.

"She just started crying and told me how proud she was and how proud my dad would have been."

Ryan was first elected to congress at the age of 28.  And he could find himself a heartbeat away from the oval office at the age of 42. 

TODAY'S TMJ4's Mike Jacobs: "Should you be elected vice president, and should some fate befall Governor Romney, are you qualified to be president of the United States?"

Paul Ryan: "Absolutely.  I wouldn't have accepted the invitation to join the ticket, nor would Mitt Romney have made the invitation to have me join the ticket if that wasn't the case." 

Ryan said that he and Romney have become good friends, as well as running mates.