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Paul Ryan unfazed by hecklers at Iowa's State Fair

CREATED Aug 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 13, 2012

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DES MOINES, Iowa- Paul Ryan has been in five states since being named Mitt Romney's running mate on Saturday.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Charles Benson has been with Congressman Ryan ever since he was picked to be Mitt's Romney VP, and Monday's event in Iowa wasn't as warm and fuzzy as the weekend rallies.

Benson reports that Ryan stayed on message despite efforts to throw him off his game.

It started off as typical day at the Iowa State Fair for Congressman Paul Ryan.  A chance to meet and greet voters while a swarm of cameras and microphones followed every move by Mitt's Romney's new running mate.

The soapbox stage is a place where politicians give their stump speech, but for Ryan it was a rough debut.

"We have people who are hurting in this country..." said Ryan, but he was interrupted by hecklers saying, "stop the war on the poor."

Two women were restrained after jumping on the stage.  They fear he will drastically cut Medicare. Ryan knows it's going to be big a campaign issue.

"We will play all these issues later," said Ryan.

Ryan, unfazed, continued talking to an overwhelming crowd of supports.

"Mitt Romney and I have a plan to make a stronger middle class and get this country back on track."

Ryan told TODAY'S TMJ4's Charles Benson the hecklers brought back memories of being in Wisconsin the past year.  "You know in Wisconsin we've been dealing with this sort of thing with the recalls," said Ryan.

The Iowa State Fair was Ryan's only public event Monday.  On Monday night, he attended a private fundraiser at a home in Denver.