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Thank You Veterans

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Happy Veterans Day.

I get chocked up every time I think about the men and women who have served or continue to serve our nation.  It could be because one of my grandfathers was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed.  It could be because my other grandfather was a paratrooper in the army.  But I think it’s much more than that.

I’m humbled by the men and women who willingly sacrifice for the rest of us.

All those men and women coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan serve because they choose to.  That makes this so much different than the wars of the past when young people were drafted into service. Those men and women in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam were courageous.  They are heroes.  We are indebted to every one of them.  They had no real choice. They were called and they fulfilled their obligation. All the men and women coming back from war now, knew they would like to be heading into harm’s way, yet they did it.  None of them were drafted.  Not one of them.  They chose to step forward and defend the world from tyranny and terror. They knew it was likely they would head into a warzone and they signed up anyway… willingly.

This Veteran’s Day I want to point out two local charities making a real difference.

If you’re looking for a way to help vets and their families returning from our most recent wars check out the Fisher House.  This is a top notch charity making a real difference.

Another top flight local charity is the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight.  They have a beautiful book for sale.  It is stunning.  You can order it here.

Thank you veterans.  I hold you in my prayers.

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