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Grafton: A Terrible Night and Even WORSE Response

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What a terrible story out of Grafton.

Police say a group of male high school students were out tee-peeing the high school and other buildings in Grafton. Police showed up and the kids scrambled.

Grafton Police Captain Joe Gabrish told me police did not pursue the students when they fled. “It is our policy to not engage in these situations.  We just observe.  We absolutely did not chase them.”

About four a.m. police got another call.  This one was from a terrified parent reporting that her son had been out with friends and was missing.

Police headed out again and began to search for the young man.  Eventually they found him in a ravine with a ‘severe’ head wound. He was air lifted to Froedtert hospital.  He is expected to survive.

As the news began to break, students at Grafton High who were involved in the incident began to Tweet and Facebook about the event. Some of them said that police weren’t being accurate about what actually happened that night.  So I reached out to them.  I began to tweet at many of the students expressing my concern for their injured friend and asking them to come on our show and tell us their side of the story.

Most of them didn’t respond.  One student named James probably shoudn’t have responded. I don’t quite understand this.

This is what he tweeted at me: “F___ you.  F___ your face.  F___your family.  I hope you get testicular cancer and die.” 

What?  Seriously?!  He then went on to call me names that I won’t even mention.  It was sickening.  I just don’t understand this.  It is clearly a reflection of the type of person James is at his core.  Deep inside there is something that went terribly wrong for him.

I have twin daughters that are 20 years old.  I would be mortified if they behaved like this. I would be heartbroken and embarrassed.  More than anything I would be extremely sad.  I would feel like a failure. I’m not blaming James parents for his embarrassingly inappropriate actions.  I’m just telling you how I would feel.  It would be devastating.

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