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Ryan Braun Popularity (Or Lack Thereof)

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Ryan Braun is in really hot water  with Wisconsin residents.  Still.  He's visiting local charities.  He is calling Brewers ticket holders to apologize. And Wisconsin resident are still angry at him.

A just released Public Policy Polling survey showed that Braun's favorability continues to plummet.  15% view him favorably. 

Back in February 2012 his favorable number was 59%.  And that was AFTER the first doping accusation.  It shows how much Brewers fans wanted to believe their MVP.  I guess once he copped his plea with MLB and admitted that he was a cheat and a liar and once he admitted that he probably shouldn't have thrown poor Dino Laurenzi under the bus... enough was enough.

Wisconsin fans can be forgiving.

50% of those surveyed now view former Packers quarterback Brett Favre favorably.  Back in December 2010 only 26% viewed Favre favorably.

The numbers on Braun and Favre aren’t really surprising.

I WAS surprised by the numbers on current Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  His favorability is at 75%.  That’s not too shabby, but I was thinking it would be in the neighborhood of 90%.  If you look back at the Rodgers numbers from 2011, his favorability was at 89%.

Why would #12’s favorability drop?  Could it be that the Packers have lost two tough playoff games?  Could it be because of his association with Braun?

My guess is Rodger’s popularity rebounds if the Packers can find a way to win again in late January.


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