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Seriously, Samuel Trinidad?! Stay Off the Roads!

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My goodness.  Another irresponsible clown putting us all at risk.

Police say Samuel Trinidad was hammered when he almost slammed into a Pleasant Prairie police officer stopped at a red light in Racine County.

Once he was stopped Trinidad told the police officer he had been drinking.  When asked how much, Trinidad reportedly responded, "A lot.  I was just coming home from the bar.  I am drunk."  He then asked the officer to let him go because he lives close by.

Trinidad refused to do field sobriety tests telling officers, "I don't want to dance."

He did consent to a portable breathalyzer test and it came back at .17, more than twice the legal limit.

Trinidad has now been charged with OWI-3rd, driving with a revoked license, and felony bail jumping.

Hey moron, stay off the road.  You don't even have a valid license.  If you want to get blasted out of your mind, that's your business.  Go for it.  But don't get behind the wheel.  When you do it becomes all of our business.  Idiot!

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