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Babies Without Diapers

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  OK.  This seems really odd to me.  Now, I admit it might be because we never considered doing it. It also seems really impractical.  Elimination Communication is a diaper free way of raising children.  Hardcore proponents almost never put their baby in a diaper.  That can lead to children being held over sinks to pee or urinating behind parked cars.

  Folks do this for many reasons.  They do it to save landfills from disposable diapers.  They do it to save the environment from all the water and detergent used to wash cloth diapers.  They also do it to save money. Lots of money.  Diapers are expensive.  There is no doubt about that.  When Kierra and Aimee were little babies it felt like there were weeks we needed to choose between diapers and food. (Well, not quite… but close)  And when our little twins graduated from diapers it was like Michelle and I both got pay raises.

   I tried to come up with lots of ways to save money, but I must tell you that having the girls go bare bottomed was never one of the options.  I’m sure there is validity in all the pluses and minuses, but I just can’t get past the potential for messes. I would be afraid to sit down on my sofa. I would find myself tip toeing through the living room.


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