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Gallardo: Shame on You

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This is the Yovani Gallardo mug shot.

Apparently Gallardo had way too much to drink at Leff's Lucky Tavern early this morning.  He got behind the wheel of his Ford-150 pickup truck and was spotted swerving in, of all places, the stadium interchange.

He was stopped by Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies and blew a .22 on a portable breathalyzer.  .22!!!!!!!!!  That is almost three times the legal limit.  Come on man.  What the hell are you doing?!  .22 isn't a little bit drunk.  Anyone at a .22 knows that they are too hammered to safely drive.  It is completely and ridiculously irresponsible.

Gallardo and guys like him have more protection and options than all the rest of us.  Gallardo has a bodyguard.  Gallardo has used a designated driver in the past.  Hell, he probably has 200,000 people in Milwaukee that would be happy to give him a ride home.  But no, instead he decides to put all of us in danger by driving himself home.  

Well, I guess, it won't be any big deal for Yo. First time drunk driving isn't even a crime in Wisconsin.

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