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Eight days ago I did an interview with David Rediske. Rediske was a young man when he got into a car with a buddy who had too much to drink.  The buddy wrapped their car around a tree and Rediske was never the same. He was in a coma for more than a month. He suffered several major internal injuries.  When Rediske woke up from his coma his real nightmare began.  He was blind.  That was 30 years ago and Rediske has never seen another thing since.

The driver of the vehicle was cited for first time drunk driving; OWI-1st.  In Wisconsin,in most cases first time drunk driving is not even a crime.  It's treated the same as a speeding ticket.

Shortly after we ran our interview with David, I got the following email.  It didn't surprise me, but it angered me and ultimately saddened me.



I'm a listener to your daily program on AM620, and I have a request of you: I want you to STOP doing the Drunk Driver Stories all the time.
Most importantly, I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH YOU that there should be harsh penalties for 1st Time Drunk Driving Offense in Wisconsin. You are just wrong, and here's why:
Many people in Wisconsin drink beer, and sometimes we might have maybe one too many - this is not our fault, and we should NOT be punished for that. The fact is, it is so easy to make that one mistake to drink and drive that one time - and this should not be punished. These people should definitely be warned, and given a very small fine maybe, but NOT punished harshly. It was just a mistake.
2nd time offenders....yes, I can agree that then people should have to pay a higher fine ($50 or something), and maybe spend 2 nights in jail...
Love the show John - but you are just wrong on this one.
IMPORTANT NOTE: I have been caught drunk driving only 3 times, and to be honest with you John, I am definitely glad that I live in Wisconsin, this is a very FAIR and FORGIVING state - that is a GOOD thing. We need to keep it that way.
Delavan, WI

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