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Boardgame Barrister Kicked to the Curb by Southridge Mall

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This is infuriating.  A local merchant, Boardgame Barrister, has two locations, one in Bayshore Mall and one in Southridge Mall. The owner has now been told by Southridge that he must vacate his space inside the mall.  Almost immediately.

They are being ordered out so that Victoria’s Secret can open a temporary location while they remodel their current location. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t want to lose any days while they remodel, so the mall’s answer is to kick out the Boardgame Barrister.  There is a provision in Barrister’s lease that allows the mall to do this. 

The popular game shop is just out of luck apparently.  They are thriving.  They are successful and they are good tenants.  None of that matters. All that matter is that Victoria’s Secret temporarily needs two locations, so the local guy gets kicked to the curb.

Southridge is at almost full occupancy so there is nowhere inside the mall for the Barrister to go. The owner is now being forced to look for space outside the mall. 

“We have not been treated fairly,” Boardgame Barrister owner Gordon Lugauer told Wisconsin’s Afternoon News. “I am now worried about all the people we employ at that store. What are they supposed to do?”

The mall has not had any comment except for this brief statement: “Southridge Mall continues to expand and welcome new and exciting retailers following our successful renovation. We’re always looking for ways to enhance this mix and are excited for what 2013 will bring to the center.”

This should be a warning for any other local retailer who thinks they have a good thing going at Southridge. Watch your back, Southridge sure isn’t.


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