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John Mercure: Mercurey Rising

The Floating Petri Dish

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As I write this The Carnival Triumph remains stranded in the Gulf of Mexico. What a nasty nightmare. Food is scarce, showers and toilets aren't working and the air conditioning is out. Ickkkkk.  What a stinky mess.

I can't imagine.

We cruise a lot.  Most years we try to take a cruise or two.  Needless to say, nothing close to this has ever happened to us.  I've tried to put myself in the shoes of those stranded on the ship.

My first thought was that I could think of a lot of things that would be a lot worst than being stranded at sea for a few extra days. Sea days are actually my favorite days.  You lay out on the deck.  You eat. You drink. You read.  Those days are the best.  Those great days also assume you have food and drink and electricity in the cabin to periodically cool off.

We know from reports that food has been scarce and what is available has been disgusting.  I'm betting that alcohol is also not available. You need electricity to run the registers that are used for patrons to pay for the alcoholic beverages.  And then there's also the concern that alcohol with grumpy patrons could be a disastrous equation.

On most days I would much rather be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.  Today I’m thinking right here in Milwaukee is just fine.  Just fine.

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