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"I Got 11 OWIs. I'm Not Guilty Because I have a Mental Defect"

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Meet 51 year old Mark Schulke.

The Plainfield man has been cited for OWI-11th.  Eleven times Schulke has been charged with drunk driving.  Eleven times!

The first ten times Schulke was convicted.  This time around he has a new game plan. Schulke is pleading not guilty by reason of mental defect.

So let me get this right.

The first time he was arrested, Schulke did not have a mental health issue.  The second time there was no mental defect. The third time... nothing. Schulke was convicted of OWI four and OWI five with no mention of a mental health issue. Schulke got OWI six and seven with no mental defect.  He continued to put us all at risk when he continued to drive...racking up OWI eight and nine.  Schulke was convicted of OWI ten and there was no mention of any mental disease. None. Nothing.

Now that he has been arrested an 11th time, there is a mental health issue?

Oh, there's a mental health issue all right.  The issue is the irresponsible behavior exhibited over and over and over again by this clown.  Does he have an issue?  Clearly he does.  Does it make him criminally exempt?  I don't think so.

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